We take a lot of pride in painting cabinets. It’s important for homeowners to realize it’s closer to painting a car than it is to painting a home. It takes an incredible amount of prep and quality product.

Because of this, it often more expensive than most realize, to do a quality job. They range on average from about $3k -$8, usually landing mid range.

But, when you think about tearing out your cabinets and buying new ones, this seems like an incredible deal. Especially, if you can find a contractor that knows how to make your cabinets look like the just rolled off the assembly line with a professional and durable finish.

Jobsite setup, protection and masking

We will set up your kitchen as a spray booth. It will be out of commission for a few days but, we will work efficiently and diligently all the way through to achieve a high end product and return it to you ASAP. We will close it off from the rest of the house to maintain control over the dust. Every surface except for the wood to be finished will be masked off and protected.

Surface prep

Scuffing and de glossing the surface is key. Using a grit that is coarse enough for the primer to bite to but, not so coarse as to telegraph through the finish, is important. We will meticulously caulk any seams making the cabinets look as if they were carved out of one price of wood and leaving no traces of being caulked. We use the right high end primer for your application. Different wood/ substrates require different product for optimal performance. We scuff after each application and touch up any areas of imperfection.

Clean up

We will probably return the kitchen to a better state than it was in to start with. We will have to clean all the surfaces to make sure that we don’t find any paint on anything. We may even mop the floor. We definitely will if you ask! It’s a very easy way for us to make our customers happy and that’s our goal.

Coating application

We will pick a coating for your application that will bite to the primer, dry hard and look beautiful. We will spray it with a fine finish tip, wait for it to dry, scuff, touch up any imperfections and spray it again. We will continue this cycle until every area meets our standards.


We use professional grade degreasers that will not react with the coating. Multiple rounds of detailed cleaning is necessary in kitchens.

Enjoying your kitchen

Just make sure to think of us while you do it.