We employ and promote empowered worker using Agile workplace concepts. You will find they are trained well, think for themselves, accept all blame and communicate well. We have values we live by and families to support. This alone will lead to a quality finished product as the rest would just follow.

Maintain workflow

We are very contentious of working for businesses as we run one ourselves. We know the importance of keeping out of the way and catering towards the business so it can maintain the typical work flow.

Planning and Safety

We can plan the project so that it will have minimum impact and do what we can to collaborate as a team with your team. We are all about building teams and teamwork here.Safety for everyone is at the top of our minds. You can bet that you won’t have to babysit us.


Durability is a must for commercial projects. When it comes to products we can get pretty exited to toss aside aesthetics and go for the pure durability of an industrial coating such as Semi Gloss Epoxy. It makes me want to grunt like Tim Allen on home improvement. I’m not sure how to spell that.


You can communicate with us your exact situation and we will respond without letting feelings and emotions interfere. We are straight shooter and don’t beat around the bush. Give it to us straight.We will be respsonsive when called upon or emailed. You won’t be waiting for answers for too long. We have a secretary and communication systems.

On schedule

We keep projects on schedule. The owner hurts a little inside if jobs fall behind.We utilize organizational systems, automation, team building, cutting edge tools/ processes and kaizen to constently be working towards maximizing efficiency and quality. We want to be as reliable as possible.