Plan and Prep

We will move the large furniture and protect your valuables. We will plan with you and keep you functioning throughout the day if, at all possible. If not, we will help you make plans for that , too. The site will be clean when we are done, every day.

We can take off switch and outlet covers, take down blinds, ect., fill dings, texture and prime. We do not clean walls that have heavy staining or un-decorate/ redecorate the house unless, your a nice elder lady and we arrange it first! We will move all heavy objects and furniture.


The paint lines will be sharp. (Caution: You may need to wear eye protection so the laser sharp lines don’t harm your eyes)

We don’t like rough lines or opaque finishes. It must have sharp edges, the color must be solid (always 2 coats) and we will not leave any trace that we were ever there. That’s how we think everyday.

Even if your painting to sell, you can guarantee that we will put fourth our best craftsmanship and take pride in the work we do.

Touch up and cleaning

If you would like us to swiffer and vacuum everyday, just say the word. We may do it anyways.

You are encouraged to walk around with us as an extra set of eyes and help spot any imperfections. There is only “perceived perfection” when performing a “craft” so, this is part of the process. Sometimes we completely knock it out of the park on the first swing.

Often, the house is cleaner when we leave then when we showed up. In fact, almost always.

Then we will stand behind it for years to come.