Siding repairs and other carpentry

We employ a full time professional carpenter. His name is Adam and he is one heck of a guy! He will get your house ready to paint like a wood ninja. It will save you money and make your project go very smooth.. I could list everything he can do but, instead I will just tell you that if it involves wood or synthetic wood products, Adam has got you covered.

Pressure washing

We are professional pressure washers. You may not think it takes skill but, then you remember the horror stories that we all have heard. (Don’t Use that darned red tip unless you want to write your name in cursive on the deck) And if you want a guy to do a good job 30ft up with a 4000psi washer on a wet ladder, we have the skill and insurance for that. We’ve washed over 1000 houses in Spokane and know how to make yours look good. After Investing heavily in our equipment and systems, we can guarantee a quick job and a clean house.

Drywall repairs

We will fix your drywall dings, holes or texture prior to painting. This is part of our job as painters! We also complete small drywall jobs. We are not as efficient at drywall as we are at painting (timewise) and don’t seek it out in the busy season but, we have the capability if it helps to make a seem-less project. We also have contacts to drywall companies that can get your large projects completed prior to paint.


We will organize and coordinate getting your gutters replaced with a reputable gutter companies that we have used for over 10 years. We started offering this service to customers like you, due to the amount of coordination that has to happen. Removing the gutters, painting your house and then the replacement of gutters. Our customers find it very convenient.

Gutter cleaning

We wanted to find a way to stay connected with our customers and give value to them over the years. What better way to do that besides using our skills with ladders and heights to help you with this task?