Preble Painting strives to become a model of business and community that will become a new standard in the construction industry.

Because of this we can only have positive personnel that strive to be the best. And in order for us to be the best. We know how to capitalize on our strengths and improve our weaknesses.

We are willing to teach you how to be a painter. Most importantly, we will teach you what you never learned in school about functioning on a very high level in the workforce.

We are a family and any new members of a family will need to be able to adapt to it.

The environment will be fluid, you will be expected to give opinions in front of groups, contribute to the systems, take on responsibilities outside of painting in your free time (such as reading, listening to audiobooks, inventing, planning, ect), you will work extremely hard for long hours and low pay. We can also not guarantee that you won’t get hurt because, it’s a dangerous job.

People trying to get by with minimal effort and watching the clock, you won’t work out here. Blaming others for anything or having a closed minded, ego problem is the worst and we watch for it. We have to purposefully try to be different in every way.

You’ll have complete control of helping us fix any issue you can sniff out! We aren’t worried about being right, we are worried about coming up with the best idea though collaborative thought.

This creates a deeper meaning and a real sense of growth and accomplishment. We work hard, enjoy life and play harder.

Must have a go getter attitude and be used to winning.

If this has connected with with you please, drop a resume. If you questioning it maybe, follow your first instinct.