The sun was finally setting over that small old Otis Orchards farm. The last bales of hay were being bucked for the day. The heat was slowly becoming more subtle. The fresh air from a beautiful summer evening came swirling in with the overwhelming satisfaction of a good, hard days work, well done.

“You need to get a job!” Darricks father would say (yes, even after working all day…) to him at the age of 12. “You play too much and life’s not all about fun.” The excuse of “I’m only 12 Dad.” Didn’t resonate well.

But, it turned out to be a lot of fun to grab a friend, a lawnmower and take off to go find some work to do. He thought “Haha Dad, I’m doing both!”

The better the friends worked, the more important, creative and rewarding the jobs became. This type of hard work ethic in a small town was appreciated and rewarded. Darrick loved hands on, meticulously detailed projects that were visually rewarding.

This experience brought on the vision of the American dream. “Prove yourself, work smart, work hard, be dedicated, take charge and move up in the world” was the game and it sounded fun! He thought to himself “I will be able to buy a nice house, raise a family and play as hard as I work!”

When Darrick joined the workforce at the age of 15 (they forgot to ask for ID) there was a reality check. It seemed like hard work or dedication wasn’t noticed and moving up a ladder wasn’t possible. Being told to follow the inefficient systems without say, seemed like a nightmare. $0.15 raises every year was the norm and everybody got them.

There were 3 jobs that lasted about a year each, and all 3 were this way.

Being in Boyscouts and and sports, he had witnessed how winning teams interact.

In the workforce there were horrible attitudes that radiated from the top down and the businesses were losing (that was the worst part)

The realization of his desire to achieve satisfaction in his work and higher pay lead him in the trades.

It wasn’t long before painting found him.

He fell in love instantly. The best part of the day was standing back and feeling like it couldn’t have been done any better. He would lay his head down on his pillow and fall asleep with a big smile on his face.

There were always things that seemed the interrupt the perfect paint job. They weren’t always given enough paint, they weren’t given enough time, thier systems were anarchy and the other guys didn’t care as much. “How do they sleep at night!” He would think. He seemed to always be the last guy running around touching stuff up while his teammates yelled from the van to “Hurry up and get in!”

The market crashed in 2008. Darrick got laid off and started to do side jobs. This quickly turned into a full time painting business and Preble Painting was born.

At Preble Painting, we carry on the traditions of craftsmanship. We value our employees as not only team members but, family. The members build the system and are rewarded for their hard work. There is a sense of accountability, pride and belonging.

We are a company built on the dedication to quality and the protection of our customers investments. We focus on providing a positive atmosphere as painting is an exiting and spiritual process of renewal. We will amplify the fun and creativity.

You need an armor-like coating on your home. We’ve got this. We will make sure it gets prepped good, we will apply a generous 1st coat of our proven product, backroll, generously apply again and then clean up all the details.

We want to go above and beyond our customers expectations. We aim to not just finish your project but, to keep you as a customer for life. We pride ourselves on bettering the world around us, helping empower our community other businesses.

The story is still unfolding as we grow, learn, build the machine and move forward. Let OUR story make a positive impact on YOUR story.

And to our employees, customers and friendly competition please, check out our new tagline:) “Be present while, we improve the future”