What we do has a deeper meaning than just “putting paint on” and we love that! We feel lucky to be able to offer a service that can adjust the energy and atmosphere where families spend the bulk of their free time. Our customers feel a sense of responsibility, organization and a new energy as their job is completed.

This can lead to a new sense of confidence. If you would like it could mark a new chapter for a new you. It can be spiritual and phycological as your outer life is a reflection of your inner self. Having everything caught up and cared for in your life also feels great!

This mindset that we have is what creates a craftsman. Drawing energy, pride and a sense of “good” from our creative abilities. We carry that sense of “good” home to our families. And you get to keep it for yours.

These last 2 sentences reminds me of how one flame can light many more without diminishing the original flame that started it all. I promptly had the thought of deleting that last sentence so no one feels we will set a fire but, I will leave it in for laughs… We are properly insured!

We’ve learned to focus on the overall project and each of its phases. Achieving a solid color, even sheen, and a durable coating is just a part of the job. It’s a pitfall to get tunnel vision on the product being created and lose sight of the rest.

It all starts with a smooth, on the spot estimate and good scheduling communication for your upcoming painting project. We remain aware of how your home is cared for and cleaned up as the job progresses.

I like to ask this question: “What would the perfect painting experience look like?” Usually customers answer something like”It getting done?” with a hesitant and confused tone in their voice.

Then “Timing”and maybe, “Cost”may be in there somewhere as well. Hopefully price is not the main driving factor as we can’t do the best job, be the most efficient all while having the cheapest price. That would be incredible to figure out how to do, though. That does seem like its our goal as we become more efficient every day.

Well, we can “Get it done!”but…

I have to say that we have a different view of this as we are in the industry and we do see a lot. If your interested in an opinion from a painting contractor (that is non-biased as possible) we think that the most important thing when it comes to your painting project should be: “To get it done right, with minimal impact, high efficiency, organization, cleanliness, and proper communication by people I can trust so, that it creates a quality experience, does not need to be done again and they will stand behind it”…phew! There’s a lot that goes into “Getting it done” and we can do all of that for you.


We’ve painted between 1000-1500 projects in Spokane in the last 10 years and we have reviews all over the internet.

I feel confident enough to say that by the time we are done, you would trust our team members to take your kids to the park. Or you’ll try to adopt them and take them to the park. Or you’ll tell them to bring their kids over because your backyard is like a park!

There’s a certain value set you need to work here and most people in the industry don’t have it. We use background checks for new hires and multiple other tests. It will be a standard that spreads throughout the industry if they want to keep up (when we make it to the top and they are trying figure out how to catch up;)

We don’t hire very often as we are very skeptical of who we bring into our culture, family and our house.


The best way we have been able to sum up “what to tell a homeowner to to help ensure they get a quality job (from a painting contractors point of view, being as non biased as possible) is this:

Instead of focusing on “the best paint”,focus instead on “using a Professional Painting Contractor that has an extraordinary reputation in the community.” They will be focused on quality (quality people, quality processes, best business practices, craftsmanship, values, principles, goals, proven products, sealing up your house, building it up thick, ect.) and let them do their thing.

Their number one goal will be to uphold their reputation in the eye of the public. They will do anything to make sure your satisfied and get a 5 star review. Those reviews online are everything in our business, in our opinion. They will probably even turn down a job that doesn’t call for quality in fear of hurting their reputation. That is based on the assumption that other contractors think the same way we do.

And don’t forget that the management of the project from beginning to end is important. It will have many lasting effects on the perception and pride of the finished product.


We will extend to you our “8 year Craftsmanship” warranty if your house qualifies. (No 100 year old houses that are trying to peel like a snake…) If your a favorite customer we might hook you up on some free touch ups for life if it’s reasonable and you refer us.